Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)


The camera modules are the key parts for ADAS, normally operating in a harsh environment with size constraints. Richtek’s highly integrated power solutions provide selectable power sequence and small sizes, giving you the ability to work with different systems.

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Richtek develops efficient power solutions for camera modules in high density size constraints. We have both integrated and discrete solutions to provide high system reliability.

Automotive Design Considerations

Richtek aims to meet following design considerations for automotive products:

  • Spread spectrum
  • low radiation package
Electrical loads (ISO16750-2/ISO7637-2 Transient Test)
  • Support extremely high/low duty during cold crank, load dump or discontinuities in supply
FMEA – Pin Placement/ External Components Open/Short/Abnormal Value
  • Adjacent pin short(no smoke/no spark/prevent system damage)
  • Set default status for external components open/ short/ abnormal
  • Low risk priority numbers
Characteristics over operational temperature
  • AEC-Q100 (& Q006) Qualification
Zero DPPM objective
  • Zero Defect Approaching