Wireless Power Solutions


Richtek offers a broad range of Wireless Power Solutions which can support mainstream wireless power standards, particularly for WPC products, such as Transmitter/Receiver and BPP/EPP products in various power level. Richtek is one of the proven leaders in wireless power with innovative Multi-Mode Receiver products to support portable, wearable, and other applications. Richtek aims to enhance user experience and maximize performance in wireless power applications.

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Transmitter ( RT3181A ) Receiver
WPC/BPP 5W A11 : WPC Certified
A6/A19 (NRND)
RT1650 (NRND) : WPC Certified
WPC/EPP 15W MPA5 : WPC Certified
RT3180W (NRND) : WPC Certified
* Please contact Richtek for Multi-mode(WPC+APA) RX solutions

WPS TX Reference Design

Compact Sirius Orion Gemini
A11/a, MPA2 MPA5, MPA 11
12V in A11/a
5V in MPA2
Please visit Richtek certified partner website for purchasing information. Power Stage
Suggested Power Stage : RT9612B or RT9682A

Extended Applications

Wearable Solutions

Voltage Source Direct Charge
The RX IC is configured as Voltage Source to support programmable output voltage. The RX IC with integrated pre-charge/Constant Current/Constant Voltage charging modes is configured as Direct Charge to charge battery directly.

Remote Driver Control for Thin TX Design

The RX IC can be separated from the Drivers up to 40cm distance for a space-constrained transmitter PCB design.

Wireless Power Module

Richtek also offer wireless power module solutions and reference design, please contact us for further information.

Richtek Technology Corporation, MediaTek Group

Richtek is the global leading analog company in design and development of comprehensive and cost-competitive power management IC products for consumer electronics, computers, communications equipment, and industrial and automotive products. Richtek has broadened its product range with wireless power solutions after the completion of merger with MediaTek. Richtek has taken full ownership of all MediaTek's wireless power solution business including product development and strategic planning. Richtek is authorized to represent MediaTek on wireless power management business in standards groups. By leveraging MediaTek's platform leadership and experience with wireless power solutions, Richtek aims to further expand IC offerings to provide competitive wireless power management products to the market.

Richtek not only delivers the industry's most cost-competitive power management ICs, but also provides the most comprehensive system design-in service and support. With Richtek as "Your Power Partner" you can spend less time trouble-shooting issues with power management and more time working on your next big product.


If you have any questions regarding MediaTek/Richtek WPS business, please feel free to contact us: wps@richtek.com. We look forward to ongoing partnerships with you in the power management market.

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