Packing Information

To find packing dimensions and package cross reference.

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To find packing dimensions and package cross reference. There are three basic methods used to deliver semiconductor devices to end-users: Tape and Reel, Shipping Tube and Bulk packing. After unpacking the devices, however, handle them with care not to let ICs become loose or protrude to prevent them from being damaged. Brief definitions of each packing configuration are:

***Tape and Reel

Tape-and-reel is one of the primary methods for shipping surface mount devices. The configuration is designed to feed surface-mount devices (SMDs) for automated circuit board assembly systems. This configuration consists of a carrier tape loaded with the SMDs wound onto a reel and a cover tape sealed to the carrier tape (See Figure 8). The reel is placed in a shipping box for transport and delivery.

***Shipping Tube

The shipping tubes (also called "Stick Magazines" are constructed of rigid clear or poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) material, and extruded in applicable standard outlines that meet current industry standards, and protect devices during shipping and handling.

***Bulk :

The devices are placed inside a small box laid with labeled anti-static bag. These smaller boxes are individually labeled and placed finally inside a labeled shipping carton which still comes in different sizes depending on the number of devices shipped.