Failure Analysis

Failure analysis traces back the failure results of a device, part or component. It plays an important role in product quality. Effective improvement or preventive measures are based on accurate failure analysis results. Information collection, proper sample handling, proper analysis procedures, experience, historical database review and most importantly, logical judgment are key to accurate failure analysis.

Failure samples come from customer feedback, reliability tests, qualification failures, engineering experiments and low yield parts. Two experienced labs provide tool analysis services:
iST: Integrated Service Technology
MA-tek: Material Analysis Technology Inc.

These two labs provide chemical analysis services like de-capsulation, lay removal, etching for sample preparation, electrical analysis, emission microscopy, liquid crystal microscopy, OBIRCH, probing, SEM, TEM inspection and FIB for circuit repair.

Generic failure analysis procedure:

Identification or the cause of failure is not the end of failure analysis. Statistical QC skills for continuous improvement are reviewed weekly. Analysis results are uploaded to a database and improvement or preventative activities are finally transferred to the SOP of Richtek.