RT7310 Triac Dimming Bulb (180-264Vac, 75Vout, 180mA)



The RT7310 is a high power factor constant current LED driver which is optimized for the compatibility with phase-cut dimmers. It supports high power factor across a wide range of line voltages, and it drives the converter in the Quasi-Resonant (QR) mode to achieve higher efficiency. By using Primary Side Regulation (PSR), RT7310 controls the output current accurately without a shunt regulator and an opto-coupler at the secondary side, reducing the external component count, the cost, and the volume of the driver board.

The RT7310 supports phase-cut dimmers, including leading-edge (TRIAC) and trailing-edge dimmers.

RT7310 embeds comprehensive protection functions for robust designs, including LED open circuit protection, LED short circuit protection, output diode short-circuit protection, VDD Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), VDD Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), and cycle-by-cycle current limitation.

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Evaluate Report 2016/08/16

主动式PFC, 一次侧切相调光 LED 驱动控制器


RT7310 是一款高功率因子的定电流 LED 驱动器,其设计针对切相式调光器的兼容问题进行了优化。它可在宽输入电压范围内支持高功率因子,并工作在准谐振模式来达到较高的效率。因为使用一次侧调节,无需在二次侧使用分流式调节器和光电耦合器,RT7310 即可获得精确的输出电流,减少了组件数量、成本和驱动电路的体积。RT7310 相容各种切相式调光器,其中包括前切式的可控硅调光器,也包括后切式的调光器。RT7310 包含了多种保护功能,包括了 LED 开路保护、LED 短路保护、输出二极管短路保护、VDD 欠压锁定、VDD 过压保护、过温保护和逐周期电流限制。

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