RT8497AGS Power MOSFET Integrated High Efficiency BCM LED Driver Controller for High Power Factor Applications



The RT8497A integrates a power MOSFET and a Boundary mode controller. It is used for step down converters by well controlling the internal MOSFET and regulating a constant output current.

The RT8497A features a ZCS detector which keeps system operating in BCM and obtaining excellent power efficiency, better EMI performance.

The RT8497A achieves high Power Factor Correction (PFC) and low Total Harmonic Distortion of Current (THDi) by a smart internal line voltage compensation circuit which has minimized system component counts; saved both PCB size and total system cost.

Especially, the RT8497A can use a cheap simple drum core inductor in the system instead of an EE core to obtain high efficiency.

The RT8497A is housed in a SOP-8 package. Thus, the components in the whole LED driver system can be made very compact.

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