Digital Lite (d PWMTM ) Hybrid Mode SSR Controller


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RT7715 is a Digital Lite (d PWMTM) PWM controller, making a low-cost analog controller embedded with benefits of a digital controller. The controller with an innovated process technology enables system designers to select among a preprogrammed set of critical parameters, delay times, and protection features of the controller to optimize system performance, which significantly shortens project development cycle and improves component selection flexibility.

In addition to the feature of programmability, the RT7715 further improves efficiency with hybrid-mode control. It can automatically switch among continuous-conduction mode (CCM), valley -switching mode (VSM), and green mode (GM) for optimal efficiency operation. The hybrid-mode control can effectively improve efficiency.

The RT7715 includes comprehensive protection features, such as accurate output over-voltage (Output OVP), output under-voltage protections (Output UVP), CS pin open-circuit protection, DMAG pin open-circuit and short-circuit protections, secondary rectifier short-circuit protection (SRSP), and external over-temperature protection (External OTP).


  • Travel Adapter for Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Networking Communication Devices
Key Spec.
RT7715G RT7715GC
Status Active Active
Feedback Regulation Mode SSR SSR
Switching Frequency_Normal (kHz) 80 80
Peak load Application No No
HV Start-up No No
CCM/Valley Multi-mode Yes Yes
Programmable Burst/Green-mode Yes No
Brown-in/out Yes (Buck cap.Side) Yes (Buck cap.Side)
OVP OVP Adaptive OVP
External OTP Yes Yes
UVLO ON (V) 17.5 17.5
UVLO OFF (V) 6.5 6.5
VDD OVP (V) 28 28
Features Current Mode Control;OVP;SCP;UVP Current Mode Control;OVP;UVP;UVP
Package Type SOT-26 SOT-26
  • Programmable Feature with User-Programmable Parameters, Delay Times
  • CC or CV Regulation in CCM and DCM
    ► Secondary-Side Constant Voltage Regulation in CCM/DCM
    ► Primary-Side Constant Current Regulation in CCM/DCM
    ► Integrated Line Compensation
  • High Efficiency
    ► Hybrid-Mode Control (CCM/VSM/GM)
    ► Ultra-Low Start-Up Current (< 3μA)
    ► Driver Capability : 100mA/-200mA
  • Proprietary SmartJitterTM Technology
    ► Reducing EMI Emission of SMPS
    ► Reducing Output Ripple from Frequency Jittering
  • Comprehensive Protection Functions
    ► Programmable Bulk-Capacitor Brown-In/Brown- Out Protection
    ► Programmable Output Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage Protections (Output OVP/UVP)
    ► Programmable External Over-Temperature Protection (External OTP)
    ► VDD Over-Voltage Protection, Secondary Rectifier Short-Circuit Protection (SRSP), DMAG Pin Open- and Short-Circuit protections, and CS Pin Open-Circuit Protection
  • Others
    ► RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free