6-String 43V White LED Driver with Boost Regulator


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The RT8532 is a high efficiency white LED driver. It is designed for LCD panel that employs a LED array as the lighting source. An integrated switch current mode Boost controller drives six strings in parallel and supports up to 10 pieces of LEDs per string. The internal current sinks support maximum ±2% current matching for excellent brightness uniformity in each LED string. To provide enough headroom for the operating of current sink, the Boost controller monitors the minimum voltage of feedback pins and regulates an optimized output voltage for power efficiency.

The RT8532 has wide input voltage range from 2.5V to 24V and provides adjustable 5mA to 50mA LED current. The internal 200mΩ, 43V power switch with current-mode control provides cycle-by-cycle over current protection. The RT8532 also integrates PWM and analog dimming functions for accurate LED current control. The input PWM dimming frequency can be operated operate from 100Hz to 20kHz without any inrush current in LED.

The RT8532 is available in WQFN-20L 3x3 package.


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