The RT9194 is a low-dropout voltage regulator controller with a specific PGOOD indicating scheme, it acts as a power supervisor of the power regulated. The part could drive an external N-MOSFET for various applications accordingly; especially, the part is operated with VCC power ranging from 4.5V to 13.5V. With such a topology, it's with advantages of flexible and cost-effective. The part comes to a small footprint package of SOT-23-6.


  • Special Designed for Intel® Grantsdale platform FSB_VTT power regulation
  • Processor Power-Up Sequening
  • Notebook and laptop PC
  • Other Power regulation with Power Good indication.
Key Spec.
Status Active
Vin (min) (V) 4.5
Vin (max) (V) 13.5
Vout (min) (V) 0.8
Vout (max) (V) 12
Output Adj. Method Resistor
Accuracy (+/- %) 2
Iout (max) (mA) 1000
Iq (typ) (uA) 450
Cout Type Electrolytic
Features Output Discharge
Package Type SOT-26
  • 4.5V to 13.5V Operation Voltage
  • High Accuracy ± 2% 0.8V Voltage Reference
  • Quick Transient Response
  • Power Good Indicator with Delay
  • Enable Control
  • Compliant with Intel "Grantsdale Chipset Platform Design Guide" Specification
  • Small Footprint Package SOT-23-6
  • RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
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Low-Dropout Linear Regulator Controller with PGOOD Indication2011/10/05
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Power Management Introduction and Selection Guide 2020/12/07
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