Motor Controllers


A motor controller is the core of a motor driver system, which can operate either independently or in a control module. Richtek has developed various motor controllers with high-performance micro controller integrated to meet requirements of different motor driver applications.

Product Line


The RT7100 is a 3 phase motor controller for BLDC motor control applications. It integrates ARM32-bit Cortex-M0 core and peripheral circuits to perform Field-Orientated-Control (FOC) and Sensorless motor control. The RT7100 has integrated various system level peripheral functions, such as ADC, DAC, communication interface, SVPWM, watchdog timer, current sensing, over-current protection and motor lock protection so as to reduce component count, board space and system cost. By utilizing these features, the RT7100 provides a unique selection in a wide-range of motor drive applications.

To meet IEC 60730-1 Class B safety standard for household applications, the RT7100 has a version that has been certificated by UL for the compliance (UL Certified No. E478780). Below shows the benefits for the UL certificated version.

  • Assure operation safety under fault conditions
  • Shorten safety certification process, i.e., Time to market
  • Applications and process cost saving for customer

Our products come with tuning tool, control library and FW examples as well as technical documentations to lower design complexity, shorten motor tuning process and reduce development cycle. For more details, please contact us.


  • Fan applications: pedestal fan, ceiling fan, air conditioner indoor/outdoor fan, air cleaner, range hood, ventilation system and so on.
  • Water pump applications: washlet, jacuzzi, reverse osmosis water purifier and so on.

The following is a list of products released in the last

Part NumberDescriptionShareDatasheetFree Sample
RT7079Three-Phase PMSM/BLDC Motor Controller with Pre-Driver Not available