High-Side Measurement Current-Shunt Monitor with Comparator

RTQ6052 New Product

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The RTQ6052 devices are high-side current-shunt monitors which contain a current-sense amplifier, bandgap reference, and a comparator with latching output. The RTQ6052 senses drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from 2V to 80V. The RTQ6052 series supports 100V/V output voltage scale.

The RTQ6052 builds in an open-drain comparator and internal reference providing a 0.6V threshold. External dividers set the current trip point. The comparator features a latching capability, that can be made easily by grounding (or leaving open) the RESET pin.

The RTQ6052 is available in a small 8-pins MSOP package.


  • Server, Storage and Network Equipment
  • Portable, Battery-Powered Systems
  • Point of Load (POL) Power Modules
  • Notebook Computers
  • High End Digital TVs
Key Spec.
Status Active
Vs (min) (V) 2.9
Vs (max) (V) 18
Number of Outputs 1
Voffset (typ) (mV) 0.5
Slew Rate (V/us) 1.5
CMRR (typ) (dB) 100
Package Type MSOP-8
  • High Accuracy Current Sensing
  • 3.5% Maximum Error Over Temperature
  • 2.9V to 18V Power-Supply Range
  • RTQ6052 Gain = 100V/V
  • Common-Mode Range : 2V to 80V
  • 0.6V Internal Voltage Reference
  • Internal Open-Drain Comparator
  • Latching Capability on Comparator
  • Packages : MSOP-8
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High-Side Measurement Current-Shunt Monitor with Comparator2022/03/11