The RT1738C is an USB Type-C interface over-voltage protection IC.

The RT1738C protects CC/SBU pins which are adjacent to VBUS from high voltage up to 28V since USB Power Delivery (PD) allows VBUS can be sourced from 3.3V to 21V.

The RT1738C is integrated with the protection ESDs which can meet IEC61000-4-2 to withstand contact discharge ±8kV on CON_CC1/CON_CC2 and ±6kV on CON_SBU1/ CON_SBU2. Besides, the ultra-fast OVP response time can protect the application IC on system side from the risks of high voltage damage.


  • PC/Notebook
  • Smart Phone/Tablet
  • TV/Monitor
  • USB-C Dongle/Docking/Hubs
Key Spec.
Status Active
Iq (Typ) (μA) 40
Dead Battery Support Yes
Interface Data Switch;OVP Switch
Features OVP
Package Type WL-CSP1.62x1.62-16(BSC)
  • 4-Channels of short to VBUS Over-Voltage
  • Protection (CON_CC1, CON_CC2, CON_SBU1, CON_SBU2)
  • IEC61000-4-2 Contact Discharge Protection
    ► CON_CC1/CON_CC2 : ±8kV
    ► CON_SBU1/CON_SBU2 : ±6kV
  • High Absolute Maximum Ratings = 28V of CON_CC1, CON_CC2, CON_SBU1 and CON_SBU2
  • 60ns Ultra-Fast OVP Response Time of SBU
  • 80ns Ultra-Fast OVP Response Time of CC
  • 255mΩ Ultra-Low RON of CC Switch Typical
  • 3.6Ω Low RON of SBU Switch Typical
  • 40μA Low Quiescent Current in Standby
  • High Bandwidth of 1GHz for SBU Switch
  • Dead Battery Support
  • WL-CSP-16B 1.62x1.62 (BSC) Package
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Type-C CC and SBU Short to VBUS Over-Voltage and IEC ESD Protection Switch2021/11/12
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