Triple Channel PWM Controller with Integrated Driver for IMVP8 Mobile CPU Core Power Supply


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The RT3601BC is an IMVP8 compliant CPU power controller which includes three voltage rails : a single phase synchronous Buck controller, the main VR, a 2/1 phase synchronous Buck controller, the auxiliary VR, and a single phase synchronous Buck controller, the VCCSA VR. The RT3601BC adopts G-NAVPTM (Green Native AVP) which is Richtek's proprietary topology derived from finite DC gain of EA amplifier with current mode control, making it easy to set the droop to meet all Intel CPU requirements of AVP (Adaptive Voltage Positioning). Based on the G-NAVPTM topology, the RT3601BC also features a quick response mechanism for optimized AVP performance during load transient. The RT3601BC supports mode transition function with various operating states. A serial VID (SVID) interface is built in the RT3601BC to communicate with Intel IMVP8 compliant CPU. The RT3601BC supports VID on-the-fly function with three different slew rates : Fast, Slow and Decay. By utilizing the G-NAVPTM topology, the operating frequency of the RT3601BC varies with VID, load and input voltage to further enhance the efficiency even in CCM. Moreover, the G-NAVPTM with CCRCOT (Constant Current Ripple COT) technology provides superior output voltage ripple over the entire input/output range. The built-in high accuracy DAC converts the SVID code ranging from 0.25V to 1.52V with 5mV per step. The RT3601BC integrates a high accuracy ADC for platform setting functions, such as quick response trigger level. Besides, the setting function also supposes this two rails address exchange. The RT3601BC provides VR ready output signals. It also features complete fault protection functions including over-voltage (OV), negative voltage (NV), over-current (OC) and under-voltage lockout (UVLO). The RT3601BC is available in the WQFN-52L 6x6 small foot print package.


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Triple Channel PWM Controller with Integrated Driver for IMVP8 Mobile CPU Core Power Supply2017/02/21
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