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     Battery Fuel Gauge and Safety Authentication         Automotive Smart Car Charger Solution    
Buck Converters

12A, 6.5Vin, Synchronous ACOT® Buck Converter

 Automotive Grade 
application  Automotive Systems; Infotainment and Cockpit Systems; Vehicle ADAS ECU; Connected Car Systems; High Density DDR Memory; Broadband Communications and Industrial Systems
The RTQ2158A-QA is an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified automotive synchronous Buck converter with 2.85V~6.5Vin and 460kHz switching frequency, delivering up to 12A peak output current. Featuring the enable control and power good output, it adopts the ACOT® control to provide ultrafast transient response. It is available in a thermally enhanced WET-WQFN-21L 4x4 (FC) package.
      See RTQ2158A-QA               Download Datasheet      

8A, 6.5Vin, ACOT® Synchronous Buck Converters

 Automotive Grade 
application  Automotive Systems; Infotainment and Cockpit Systems; Vehicle ADAS ECU; Connected Car Systems; High Density DDR Memory; Broadband Communications and Industrial Systems
The RTQ2158-QA, RTQ2159-QA and RTQ2158B-QA are AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified automotive synchronous Buck converters with Vin range from 2.85V to 6.5Vin, delivering up to 8A peak output current. The RTQ2158-QA operates in 2.1MHz; whereas the RTQ2158B-QA operates in 460kHz. Both output voltage can be set via a resistor divider. The RTQ2159-QA has selectable switching frequency (0.46MHz/0.69MHz/0.92MHz/2.1MHz) with I2C interface control. Featuring the enable control and power good indicator, all products adopt ACOT® control to provide ultrafast transient response. This family is available in a thermally enhanced WET-WQFN-21L 4x4 (FC) package.
      See RTQ2158-QA               Download Datasheet      
      See RTQ2159-QA              Download Datasheet      
      See RTQ2158B-QA               Download Datasheet      

15A, 17Vin, ACOT® Synchronous Buck Converter

 Industrial Grade 
application  Server, Storage and Network Equipment; Telecom Infrastructure; Point of Load (POL) Power Modules; High Density DC-DC Converters; High End Digital TV
The RTQ2826T is a 4.5V~17Vin, 15A peak output, synchronous ACOT® Buck converter, offering the selectable switching frequency, current limit level and PWM operation modes. Featuring 1.2ms fixed/adjustable soft-start, the enable control, and the power good indicator, it has monotonic start-up into pre-biased outputs and operates in the temperature range from -40℃ to 125℃.
      See RTQ2826T               Download Datasheet      

42Vin, 3A/5A, Asynchronous Buck Converters with low Iq

 Automotive Grade 
application  Automotive, Communications and Industrial 12V, 24V Power Systems; Industrial Automation and Motor Control; Vehicle Accessories: GPS, Entertainment
The RTQ2949/A-QA and RTQ2945A-QA are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified automotive synchronous Buck converters with Vin range from 4V to 42V, delivering up to 3A/5A peak output current. Featuring adjustable 100kHz~2.5MHz or synchronous 300kHz~2.2MHz switching frequency, they support spread-spectrum frequency modulation and PSM at light load. This family also has low dropout at light load with the integrated boot recharge FET along with comprehensive protection functions against shorted outputs.
      See RTQ2949-QA               Download Datasheet      
      See RTQ2949A-QA              Download Datasheet      
      See RTQ2945A-QA              Download Datasheet      
USB PD Programmable Power Supply PWM Controller

PWM Controller for Programmable Power Converter

application  USB PD and Programmable Power Adapters
The RT7755xE series are flyback PWM controllers adopting the quasi-resonant mode, operating in the VDD range from 10V to 60V with full protection functions. These series are specifically designed to work with controllers, such as the RT7206, providing a total solution for USB PD 12V programmable power supply (PPS). They are ideal for fast charging or direct charging mobile applications.
      See RT7755xE        
Integrated PMIC for Camera Module Applications

Integrated PMIC with 8-Channel LDOs and 3 GPOs

application   Mobile Phones; Personal Information Appliances; Tablet PCs; Portable Devices
The RT5133 is a highly-integrated PMIC which integrates 300mA/600mA/1000mA, 1.1V~5Vin, 8 LDOs with high PSRR for camera sensor applications, along with 3 GPOs for portable devices. The output voltages, soft-start time and protection functions can be controlled by writing the registers through I2C. It is available in a WL-CSP-25B 1.84x1.84 (BSC) package, ideal for applications with restrained space.
      See RT5133               Download Datasheet      
USB Port Switch, Controller, and Protector

USB Type-C Analog Audio and USB Switch

application  Mobile Phones; Tablets; Notebooks/PCs; USB-C Media Players
The RT8980H is a USB Type-C audio interface switch IC which supports analog audio headsets for mobile devices. It supports a general USB Type-C port via I2C control to pass USB2.0 data signal (D+/D-), sideband use signal, analog audio R L signal, and analog microphone signal with high voltage protection for the USB port and SBU port on USB Type-C receptacle side.
      See RT8980H              Download Datasheet      

Type-C CC and SBU Short to VBUS Over-Voltage and IEC ESD Protection Switch

application  PC/Notebook; Smart Phone/Tablet; TV/Monitor; USB-C Dongle/ Docking/Hubs
The RT1738/A is an USB Type-C interface over-voltage protection IC, protecting the high voltage shorted to VBUS to adjacent pins of CC/SBU up to 28V. Integrated the protection ESDs of IEC61000-4-2 with contact discharge ±8kV on CON_CC1/CON_CC2, D1/D2 and ±6kV on CON_SBU1/CON_SBU2, it has ultra-fast OVP response time of 60ns to protect the system side of application IC from damage and high bandwidth of 1.1GHz for SBU switch.
      See RT1738               Download Datasheet      
      See RT1738A              Download Datasheet      

USB-C Controller + Power Switch with HV Protection

application  Type-C USB Chargers; PC Products Based on Type-C Host Port
The RT9752 is a USB Type-C Downstream Facing Port (DFP) controller with back-to-back power switch which offers 28V tolerance on VOUT pin at off state and 3A rated supply current for VBUS for USB Type-C applications. It has configuration channel (CC) function to determine when USB device is attached. Operating in the input voltage range from 4.5V to 5.5V, it features programmable current limit level and reverse voltage protection to prevent reverse current flowing back to input power supply, and has UL E219878 approved.
      See RT9752              Download Datasheet      
Linear Regulators

1.5A, 1.6Vin, Ultra-Low Dropout LDO

application   Telecom/Networking Cards; Motherboards/Peripheral Cards; Industrial Applications; Wireless Infrastructure; Set-Top Box; Medical Equipment; Notebook Computers; Battery Powered Systems
The RT9048A is a 1.5A, 1.6V~6Vin LDO with ultra-low dropout voltage (300mV@1.5A). The output voltage is adjustable by an external resistive divider as low as 0.65V. Featuring the enable control, it has variable soft-start ramp up speed related to VIN driving ability. It is available in a WDFN-8L 3x3 package.
      See RT9048A              Download Datasheet      
Battery Fuel Gauge and Safety Authentication

Pack Side Single Cell Fuel Gauge

application  Smartphones; Tablet PC; Wearable Device; Digital Still Cameras; Digital Video Cameras; Handheld and Portable Applications
The RT9422A and RT9426A are both new-generation Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery fuel gauges that use current and voltage information to provide battery power and state of charge status for single-cell battery packs, achieving less than ±1% fuel gauge error. To prevent battery pack cloning, the RT9422A also integrates SHA-1/HMAC authentication to ensure application safety. They both have secondary safety features to indicate more serious faults. The products reside within the battery pack or on the system's main board and manage a non-removable battery or removable battery pack.
      See RT9422A              Download Datasheet      
      See RT9426A              Download Datasheet      
Automotive Smart Car Charger Solution

USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck Controller with AnyPowerTM and PD Safe® Features

 Automotive Grade 
application   Automotive USB Type-C Power Delivery Charger
The RTQ7881-QT is an AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified automotive IC, integrating a USB Type-C power delivery and a PWM Buck controller. It supports power delivery via USB D+/D- as well as other communication protocols. The PWM Buck controller operates in the voltage range from 4V to 36V, with the operating frequency range from 200kHz to 600kHz. Featuring PSM at light load, it can accurately control output voltage and current, supporting direct charging along with GPIOs for MUX control or customized functions. It also has online firmware update via slave I2C interface.
      See RTQ7881-QT              Download Datasheet      
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