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  Automotive Buck Controller for USB-C/PD applications      Automotive Power IC for TFT LCDs 
  USB-PD/PPS Programmable PWM Controller      Industrial Linear Regulator      LED Driver      Buck Converter  
Automotive Buck Controller for USB-C/PD applications

USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck Controller with AnyPowerTM and PD Safe® Features

 Automotive Grade 
application  Automotive USB Type-C Power Delivery Chargers
The RTQ7881-QT is an AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified USB Type-C Power Delivery and PWM buck controller with an ARM Cortex-M0 MCU embedded. Operating in the input range of 4V~36V, it meets USB-C/PD specifications to offer a complete car charger solution for USB-PD provider applications.
      See RTQ7881-QT        
Automotive Power IC for TFT LCDs

3A High Performance Boost Converter

 Automotive Grade 
application   Notebook Computer Displays; LCD Monitor Panels; LCD TV Panels
The RTQ9297-QT is an AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified, 2.6V~5.5V input, 3A current mode Boost Converter with the output voltage range up to 24V. It can achieve high efficiency and fast transient response to meet the power requirements for TFT LCDs.
      See RTQ9297-QT              Download Datasheet      
USB-PD/PPS Programmable PWM Controller

Advanced PWM Controller for Programmable Power Converter


High-Integration USB PD Controller with Internal Feedback Compensation and Synchronous Rectification for ZVS Control

application  USB PD and Programmable Power Adapters
The RT7790 is specifically designed to work with the controllers, such as the RT7208E, to provide a total solution for the USB PD or a programmable power adapter.

The RT7790 is an advanced programmable PWM controller; whereas the RT7208EB is a programmable USB PD controller with built-in functions of synchronous rectification, bi- direction control and internal feedback compensation. The total solution achieves precise synchronous rectification and ZVS in bi-direction control, ideal for USB PD type-C or other proprietary protocols chargers/adapters applications.

        See RT7790          
      See RT7208EB     
      Download Datasheet      
Industrial Linear Regulator

2A, 6.5V, Ultra Low Noise, Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

 Industrial Grade 
application   Portable Electronic Devices; Wireless Infrastructures (SerDes, FPGA, DSP); RF, IF Components (VCO, ADC, DAC, LVDS)
The RTQ2532N is a 1.1V~6.5Vin, 2A LDO with ultra-low dropout (max. 125mV). Featuring low noise immunity (6.8µVRMS @,0.8Vout), high PSRR, it has 2 output voltage modes set by a resistive divider or via PCB layout (0.8V~3.95Vout), ideal for powering digital loads or noise-sensitive circuits.
      See RTQ2532N              Download Datasheet      

500mA, 5.5V, Low Noise Low Dropout Linear Regulator

 Industrial Grade 
application   Portable Electronic Devices; Optical Modules; Camera Modules; PLL/Synthesizer, Clocking; Sensors; Medium-Current, Noise Sensitive Applications
The RTQ2531W is a 1.6V~5.5Vin, 500mA low noise LDO with the output range of 0.6V to 5.3V. Featuring 48dB@500kHz high PSRR and output-to-input reverse current protection, it is ideal for noise-sensitive circuits.
      See RTQ2531W              Download Datasheet      
LED Driver

Tiny Package, High Performance, Regulated Charge Pump

application   Mobile Phone, Smart Phone LED Backlight; Camera Flash White LED; LCD Display Supply
The RT9394 is a charge pump DC-DC converter that produces a regulated 5V output with the input range of 2.8V~Vout. It features very low quiescent current, OCP and short circuit protection, ideal for LED drivers in LCD display supply, etc.
      See RT9394              Download Datasheet      
Buck Converter

17V Input, 2A, ACOT® Buck Converter with Both FETs OC Protection

application  Set-Top Boxes; LCD TVs; Home Networking Devices; Surveillance; General Purpose
The RT6352A/B (580kHz Fsw) and RT6372A/B (1.4MHz Fsw) are 2A output, ACOT® Buck Converters operating in the input voltage range of 4.5V to 17V with the output voltage range of 0.6V to 7V. Featuring enable control, 1ms soft-start and robust OCP, this family has both automatic PSM and forced PWM for selection. Both parts are available in a TSOT-23-6(FC) package and additionally the RT6352A/B is also available in a SOT-563(FC) package.
      See RT6352A/B              Download Datasheet      
      See RT6372A/B              Download Datasheet      

2A, 1.2MHz, 6V Synchronous Buck Converter

application  Mobile Phones and Handheld Devices; STB, Cable Modems, and xDSL Platforms; WLAN ASIC Power/ Storage (SSD and HDD); General Purpose for POL LV Buck Converters
The RT5762A/B/C/D family is a 2.5V~6Vin, 2A output, 1.2MHz ACOT® Synchronous Buck Converter available in SOT-563 (FC) & UDFN-6L 1.4x1 (FC) small packages, released in 2020. The latest additions: E and F versions feature enhanced output capacitor discharge capability. The RT5762A/C/E has power saving mode for light loads; whereas the RT5762B/D/F operates in forced PWM.
      See RT5762A/B/C/D/E/F              Download Datasheet        
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