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  Automotive PMICs for Camera Modules      Buck-Boost Controllers/Boost Converters for USB PD applications   
  Buck Converters 
Automotive PMICs for Camera Modules
Automotive CIS/CCM PMIC for Ultra Compact Camera and High Image Quality System
➤  B version Active
➤  Automotive Grade
application  Automotive Camera Modules: Surround View Camera, Front View Camera, Rear View Camera, Dash Cam DVR, Driver Monitoring System, Cabin Monitor, eMirror
The RTQ2071-QA and RTQ2076-QT family is an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified & FMEA compliant automotive CIS/CCM PMIC with 3 Buck converters and 1 LDO for ultra-compact camera system. Featuring spread spectrum, this family supports phase shift operation among 3 Buck converters. HVBuck1 converter operates in the Vin range from 4V to 18.5V. This makes it ideal to provide voltage for other system or converters. LVBuck2 & LVBuck3 converters provide pre-set fixed output voltage to support system core power.

This family has 10 power sequences with SEQOUT (sequence control for external IC) and PG (Power Status) output to support different platforms. All functions are easily set via external resistors for high flexibility. All products have high reliability to meet high quality requirements of automotive applications.

      See RTQ2071-QA              Download Datasheet      
      See RTQ2076-QT     
      Download Datasheet      
Buck-Boost Controllers/Boost Converters for USB PD applications
USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck-Boost Controller with AnyPowerTM and PD Safe® Features
➤  Active
➤  Automotive Grade
application   Automotive USB Type-C Power Delivery Charger
The RTQ7880A-QT is an AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified USC-C/PD and PWM Buck-Boost controller operating in the input range from 4V to 36V with precise output voltage and current control. It is USB PD3.0/PPS certification passed (TID 1080016), supporting up to 100W applications, ideal for automotive USB-C PD chargers.
      See RTQ7880A-QT              Download Datasheet      
36V, 4-Switch Bidirectional Buck-Boost Controller with I2C Interface
➤  Active
application   Monitor, USB Power Delivery, Power Bank
The RT6190 is a 4.5V~36Vin, 3V~36Vout, bidirectional Buck-Boost controller designed for USB-PD applications. With an I2C compatible interface, it integrates an internal gate driver to control external power path MOSFETs for USB-C and USB-A (1C1A) VBUS terminals, supporting up to 100W USB PD applications ideal for power bank, monitors and dual role port (DRP) applications.
      See RT6190              Download Datasheet      
High-Integration Programmable Protocol Controller with Internal Feedback Compensation and Built-in Blocking N-MOSFET
➤  Active
application  Travel Adapters with USB Type-C Control, Travel Adapters with Fast Charge Protocols
The RT7206KD is a programmable controller with the internal feedback compensation and a built-in blocking N-MOSFET designed for USB-C/A high-density travel adapters. It supports output voltage range from 3V to 13V and handles various proprietary protocols, ideal for fast-charging travel adapters.
      See RT7206KDA              Download Datasheet      
DC-DC Boost Converter for PWM Controller
➤  Active
application   USB PD and Programmable Power Adapters
The RT4809 is a Boost converter designed to support a PWM controller of the offline switching power with a wide input voltage range. It operates in the input range from 2.5V to 36V, supporting PVO voltage not less than 11V for high stability and high efficiency. It is easy to design, ideal for USB PD/PPS power applications.
      See RT4809              Download Datasheet      
Buck Converters
17V Input, 3A, ACOT® Buck Converter with Both FETs OC Protection
➤  Active
application   Set-Top Boxes, LCD TVs, Home Networking Devices, Surveillance, General Purpose
The RT6353A/B (A: PSM/B: forced PWM) is a 4.5V~17Vin, 580kHz ACOT® Buck converter, supporting 0.6V~7V adjustable output voltage. It is available in a TSOT-23-6(FC) package for 3A as well as a SOT-563(FC) package for 2.5A output.
      See RT6353A/B              Download Datasheet      
17V Input, 3A, ACOT® Buck Converter with Both FETs OC Protection
➤  Active
application   Set-Top Boxes, LCD TVs, Home Networking Devices, Surveillance, General Purpose
The RT6373A/B has the same functionalities/features as the RT6353A/B but has 1.4MHz higher switching frequency. It is only available in a TSOT-23-6(FC) package for 3A output. Both products share the same pinout.
      See RT6373A/B               Download Datasheet      
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