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New products, new choices: PMIC, LDOs, USB-C PD Controller and BLDC Power Module
Focusing on high performance, Richtek has launched new products including PMIC for DDR5 SODIMM/UDIMM, high PSRR LDOs for noise-sensitive applications, USB-C PD controller supporting up to 100W of power and BLDC system integrated power modules.
RTQ5136 # Personal Computing   # Consumer Electronics
Integrated PMIC for DDR5 SODIMM and UDIMM including 3 single phase Buck converter and 2 LDOs.
RT9095 download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
1.7V~5.5Vin, 0.6~5.3Vout, 700mA LDO with output-to-Input reverse current protection, enable input and power-OK output, featuring 150mV@500mA low dropout voltage.
RTQ2539A download datasheet Industrial Grade # Industrial   # Consumer Electronics
1.1V~6.5Vin, 0.8~5.5Vout, 3A LDO, featuring 110mV(typ.) @3A low dropout voltage and 10μVRMS low noise immunity.
▸ USB-C PD Controller
RT1719 download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
Sink only, consumer power role USB-C PD controller, featuring attach/detach detection, current capacity definition, data role support, dead battery support and BIST mode.
▸ BLDC System Integrated Power Modules (sIPM®)
RT7054 download datasheet # BLDC
PMSM/BLDC system integrated power module with driver supply voltage 10.8V~16.5V and input driving voltage 0V~450V, featuring advanced sensor-less sinewave FOC control algorithm, and firmware UL certifications to support user-defined functions.
download datasheet   download datasheet   download datasheet
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