Quality and Reliability

Quality Management System Framework

Richtek defines the procedures and instructions from product planning, development, verification, release, to production management including manufacturing quality and product conformity management. more


Richtek qualification follows JEDEC standard requirements for consumer and industrial products and AEC for automotive products. Reliability engineering is applied to qualify packages, products and also to monitor the stability of the manufacturing process. more

Supplier Management

Richtek is a fabless IC design company that outsources the manufacturing to the subcontractors. We understand it is very important to manage the suppliers with same standards for the product quality and production stability. more

End of Life Management

Richtek EOL (End Of Life) procedure follows J-STD-048, and our system covers initiation, counter sign-off, communication, notification, customer feedback confirmation, and implementation. more

Process/Product Change Management

Richtek understands the importance and the impact of a product change could be to customers, so we establish change management procedure based on J-STD-046 to mitigate potential risks. more