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Providing new power management solutions for consumer electronics
From mobile phones, tablets to TV systems, whether your system interface is USB Type-C or you are looking for GPU core power supply, we have launched different new power management products to support various applications. From LDOs, controllers, battery charging ICs to PMICs, you can find our new products to meet the requirements of your consumer electronics applications.
▸ VCORE Controller
RT8848D download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
Up to 8 multi-phase synchronous Buck controller with PWM VID reference, supporting GPU core power in Nvidia OVR4i+ spec.
▸ USB-C/PD Controller
RT7206KN download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
USB Type-C PD controller with built-in blocking NMOSFET mainly utilized in the secondary side for off-line AC/DC power converters with wide Vout from 3.3V to 21V, supporting USB PD3.0 and PPS.
RTQ2531A download datasheet Industrial Grade # Industrial   # Consumer Electronics
1.7V~5.5V Vin, 0.6V~5.3Vout, 500mA Iout, industrial graded LDO, featuring 48dB @ 500kHz high PSRR and output-to-input reverse current protection.
▸ Li-ion Battery Charger IC
RT9490 download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
5A Buck-Boost switch mode battery charge management and system power path management device for 1-4 cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery. Together with a TCPC controller to complete a USB PD power port solution for DRP applications.
RT5190C download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
Integrating one 24Vin buck controller, three low-voltage buck converters, and one 0.6A LDO with I2C control, it supports mute control, ideal for Wifi or TV system.
▸ Synchronous Rectifier Controller
RT7220D download datasheet # Consumer Electronics
Synchronous rectifier controller with zero voltage switching for 3V~21V wide Vout, supporting CCM, DCM and QR modes. Operation current can be reduced to 250µA in the green mode.
download datasheet   download datasheet   download datasheet
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