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Transforming Hearing Aid Design with Richtek's Total Power Solution
Transforming Hearing Aid Design with Richtek’s Total Power Solution

Richtek's total power solution revolutionizes modern hearing aid systems, addressing the evolving challenges of compact size while ensuring optimal performance.

High Efficiency
Our low quiescent current Buck converters ensure optimal efficiency, reaching up to 90% at light loads ranging from 1mA to 10mA, thereby prolonging battery life.
High Accuracy
Our single cell fuel gauges deliver high SoC monitoring accuracy with less than +/-1% SoC error.
Compact Size
We offer both CSP and small WDFN packages for compactness. From power solutions for DSPs, wireless communication to inertial sensors, you can find a comprehensive range of options.

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Transforming Hearing Aid Design with Richtek's Total Power Solution
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