Switching and Linear Regulators for Battery Powered Application

Product portfolio for Li-ion battery powered applications

Most Richtek switching regulators have enhanced light load efficiency, thereby increasing the battery span.

Boost converters, such as RT9276 can be used to produce a stable USB 5V supply at varying battery voltage and provide battery monitoring function. Buck-boost regulators like RT6150A or RT6154A can be used when the output voltage lies in between the battery max and min voltage range, and with four internal switches, they seamlessly switch over from buck to boost mode. Most low voltage buck converters will operate in 100% duty-cycle mode when battery voltage approaches the output voltage, increasing the useful battery range, such as RT8059.

Low quiescent current LDOs like RT9063 can be used to regulate the output voltage for micro power applications with minimal battery loading. The 1μA ground current ensures minimal battery drain in low power standby mode.

Selected voltage regulators

Boost Converter

Up to 45V VOUT
Extra detection features
Enhanced light load efficiency

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Seamlessly switching between Buck and Boost mode
Power save mode enable control
Up to 5A peak current
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Buck Converter

Low profile and small footprint
Up to 95% Efficiency
No need Schottky diode
100% duty-cycle mode

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Linear Regulators

1μA ultra low quiescent current
Small footprint
With EN pin for selection

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