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Keeping Your Applications Reliable: USB-C Multi-Protocol Controller & Monitoring and Protection ICs
Richtek understands the importance of reliability of your applications. Whether it is for a USB-C port or an industrial application, we have launched a series of new products for current, voltage, power monitoring and protection. We also released new programmable multi-protocol controller to support USB PD and China UFCS protocols for travel adapters, car chargers and more.
▸ USB Port Protection
RT1738C download datasheet # Consumer Electronics   # Personal Computing
Providing Over-Voltage and ESD protections for CC and SBU pins of USB Type-C ports and featuring 1GHz SBU bandwidth.
RT1718S download datasheet # Consumer Electronics   # Personal Computing
Highly integrated TCPC controller which includes IEC-61000-4-2 ESD protection cell for Sink/Source/DRP applications, controlling external N/P-MOS for power path, supporting multiport applications with I2C interface.
▸ Programmable Multi-Protocol Controller
RT7202KLA download datasheet # Consumer Electronics   # Personal Computing
The programmable controller with the internal feedback compensation and V2 inside to meet various proprietary protocols i.e., USB PD and UFCS, supporting multiport applications with power sharing.
▸ Current, Voltage, Power Monitors
RT6052 download datasheet RTQ6052 (Industrial) download datasheet # Data Center   # Personal Computing
The high-side current-shunt monitor with common-mode voltage ranging from 2V to 80V and over-current output stage latched or eliminated. (RTQ6052: Industrial grade)
RT6056 download datasheet RTQ6056 (Industrial) download datasheet # Data Center   # Personal Computing
The bi-directional current, voltage and power monitor to monitor bus voltage from 0V to 36V with an I2C/SMBUS interface, programmable calibration, and averaging function. (RTQ6056: Industrial grade)
download datasheet   download datasheet   download datasheet
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