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Power Management Solutions for Smart Doorbell Applications
The video doorbell is getting smarter, providing video recording, audio communication and control via Wi-Fi/wire connection, etc. Whether your doorbell is powered by AC, a battery or both AC and the battery, Richtek has offered you a comprehensive system solution under 5V/12V input, ranging from battery chargers, battery gauge, Boost converters, low quiescent current Buck converters, smart amplifiers to USB PD fast charging solutions. Our total solutions maintain good thermal condition and high efficiency to improve product reliability and battery lifetime.
Power Management Solutions for Smart Doorbell Applications
Additional supporting design resources:
Click our application page to see the power management system design and recommended products for smart doorbells.
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Read our application note to learn more about design tips and measurement results on the power management designs of video doorbells.
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Up to 8 multi-phase synchronous Buck controller with PWM VID reference, supporting GPU core power in Nvidia OVR4i+ spec.
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2.2V~5.5Vin, 360nA Iq, 0.5A/1A synchronous HCOT nano-power Buck converter with 2 level Vout programmed via VSEL pin.
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2.5V~6Vin, 3A synchronous ACOT Buck converter with PSM or forced PWM for options, suitable to support the power to CPU core, etc.
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Sink only USB Type-C PD port controller compliant with the latest PD 3.0 standard, featuring dual data role support, dead battery support and BIST mode support.
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