Power Management Introduction

Power Conversion
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The Basics of Power Conversion in Applications

Selecting a power management component depends a lot on the input and output conditions of the application.

Is the input AC or DC? Is input voltage higher or lower than required output voltage? What is the load current? Maybe the load is sensitive to noise, or requires a constant current (for LEDs), or maybe it has a dynamically changing current?

Based on the specific application requirements, different power conversion components could be selected.

Richtek comprehensive IC solutions are tailored to meet power management design challenges for applications, such as computer main boards, mobiles , digital still cameras, networked communication equipment, large-sized flat panel displays, notebooks, LED Lighting, and many industrial applications.

Richtek broad product portfolio includes LDO linear regulators, DC/DC converters and controllers ,Vcore, lighting solutions, display solutions, communication solutions, battery management, supervisors, audio amplifiers, AC/DC Flyback controllers, PMICs and others including power switches, operational amplifiers and so on.

The picture below shows several examples of applications with their typical power conversion components, all if which can be found in Richtek product portfolio.

Power Conversion in Application

It is clear from the above examples that several parameters need to be considered for optimal component choices.

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Key Topologies & Selection Criteria


 Basic of voltage regulation
 Topology selection guideline
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 Small voltage drop; low current
 Low noise application
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Buck Converter

 Step down with high efficiency
 High VIN ⇒ VOUT ratio
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Boost Converter

 High efficiency
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Buck-Boost Converter

 Step up & down in one IC
 Stable supply from battery
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LED Driver

 Convert power into light
 Provide constant current
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Power Switch

 Short circuit Protection
 Over current protection
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Supervisor IC

 Monitor supply line
 Protecting a CPU/MPU
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Battery Charger

 Charging batteries
 Battery management
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AC/DC Flyback Controller

 Converting AC input into DC
 Providing mains isolation
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