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IoT application example & Richtek ultra-low IQ power solutions
Richtek Newsletter Jul. 26, 2018 | Newsletter Issue 28
How does a smart farmer keep track of his cows? GPS Tracking Collar!
The Internet of Things (IoT) technology gives farmers a smart way to track, monitor and manage their herds. However, it also poses the technical challenge how to design for long battery life. In this issue, we show you a design example of a GPS tracking collar from power management point of view: how to optimize the power solution for best efficiency and long battery life. We also take a detailed look at the operation and performance aspects of Richtek’s 360nA ultra-low quiescent current Buck converter RT5707/A.
Electronic Cow tracker
Richtek IoT Total Power Solutions
There are key points for power management in IoT applications:
  • Extending battery life up to a few years
  • Small size to fit in a compact sensor
  • Handling pulse loading during short periods of active time and long sleep mode
  • Minimizing supply ripple of noise-sensitive blocks such as GPS and ultra-wide band modules
Quite often, the circuit blocks in IoT applications can operate from voltages which are lower than the nominal battery voltage. To step down efficiently, we recommend using high efficiency, low Iq buck converters between the battery and different modules to fulfil the requirements above.

The RT5707/A low Iq buck converter is specially designed for battery-powered IoT applications. It has only 360nA quiescent current, which is ideal for applications running mainly in sleep mode. The 0.9mm x 1.6mm WLCSP package, high nominal switching frequency and few external components makes it possible to achieve a very small total application footprint.

This video shows the detailed operation of the RT5707/A, and explains how its efficiency can be maintained at over 90% in sleep mode condition via live scope measurements. We also show you how to use the Richtek transient tool to generate a fast step load from 100µA (sleep mode) to 130mA (active mode), and the IC behaviour in 100% duty cycle mode when the battery voltage is approaching the output voltage.

Richtek has a wide variety of power solution for other IoT system applications as well. Please find each product information on Richtek website or contact us.
Wearable device function block
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Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified 1.5A, 3-6Vin low IQ ACOT®; Buck Converter
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Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified 2A, 3-6Vin low IQ ACOT®; Buck Converter
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The new USB power delivery car charging solution  
The new USB power delivery car charging solution
The RTQ7880 device is ready to fulfil the requirements of current and future car chargers.

Find out more features about the RTQ7880, automotiveAEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified Type-C port and Buck-Boost controller.

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The new USB power delivery car charging solution  
Supporting intelligent power distribution and programmable power supply (PPS)
Richtek USB Power Delivery solutions makes multi-port chargers more powerful and easier to use.

Find out more about Richtek total solutions for type-C and type-A dual port 48W chargers and 60W multi-port desktop chargers.

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RTQ2130B-QT RTQ2130B-QT is an automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, 0.7A, 3V-36V input, 0.8V-28V output, 2.1MHz, Synchronous Small Form Factor Buck Converter in a WDFN-8SL 2x3package. The current-mode control with external compensation allows the transient response to be optimized over various loads and output capacitors. It is suitable for automotive systems, car camera module and car cockpit systems, etc.

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RTQ2131B-QA RTQ2131B-QA is an automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, 1A, 3V-36V input, 0.8V-28V output, 2.1MHz, Synchronous Buck Converter in a WDFN3x3-10S package. Featuring PGOOD indicator, the RTQ2131B is fully specified over the temperature range of TA = −40°C to 125°C. It is ideal for automotive systems, connected car systems, etc. We also provide RTQ2131B PSPICE model for download.

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RT9085A RT9085A is a 1A, ultra-low dropout (60mV @1A), 0.8V-5.5V input, 0.5V-3V output Linear Regulator in a WL-CSP-6B 0.8x1.2 (BSC) package. The feature of ultra-low dropout voltage is ideal for applications where output voltage is very close to input voltage. The output voltage is adjustable by an external resistive divider. It is ideal for battery powered systems, portable devices and digital Set Top Boxes.

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RT9746H RT9746H is an overvoltage protection device featuring a low 35mΩ RON internal FET with PTVS diode in a WL-CSP-12B (BSC) package. The PTVS protects the devices from surges up to 100V. Integrated over-voltage protection FET on VBUS for fault isolation, it is suitable for smart handheld devices.

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