Motor Drivers


Richtek offers a wide range of motor driver solutions covering the requirements of brushless DC motors for home appliance, PMSM/BLDC motors, water pumps, cooling fans, etc. Our solutions can be also applied to speed-control applications such as PC fans, NB fans, and server fans.

Richtek’s motor driver solutions are featured all the functions required to drive motors efficiently and accurately. Our portfolio includes motor controllers, gate drivers, Integrated control modules, and discrete power MOSFETs. With the complete product portfolio and advanced control algorithm, Richtek aims to provide our customers flexible, cost-effective, easy-implement, and highly reliable motor driver solutions. We also provide firmware and hardware technical support from product development through to launch.

Product Line

Motor Driver

Richtek has provided various motor driver solutions, which consist a complete system of motor controllers, gate drivers and power components with integrated microprocessor. Together with the software dedicated for motor driver control, the motor driver solutions provide excellent performance, which makes it an ideal choice for the high-performance speed-control systems in a wide range of fan and water pump applications.

Key features

  • Sensorless FOC algorithm for precise motor control
  • Built-in complete motor control libraries for effective motor tuning process
  • Intelligent system protecting algorithm for motor operation safety
  • Software tool for easy parameter adjusting and reduce development cycle
  • Pre-certified product safety underwrite (UL, IEC, etc.).
  • Circuit Evaluation Tool for production line testing.

Technology & Capability

  • True Sine-wave sensorless FOC precise motor control
  • 3 phase high-voltage (80V~600V) gate driver
  • 600V low Qrr type power MOSFETs
  • 600V highly integration all-in-one solution
  • Expertise in power electronics technology (PFC controller, flyback controller, etc.)
  • Underwrite the Safety Certification (UL IEC-60730)

System Block Diagram