USB PD FW Update Fixture



The firmware update fixture is USB PD IC firmware update interface circuit. It provides programming voltage and I2C circuit. The fixture must be used with RTUniversalProgrammingTool software and need installation RTBridgeboardUtilitiesV137 driver.

Main Feature
1. Support connector : Type-C Receptacle, 2.54mm Pin head, 2.0mm Pin head.
2. It can update RT7880, RTQ7880, RT7880B, RT7880T
3. No extra power supply required.

Demonstration video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IocRSgKDao0

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User Manual 2020/12/02
RTBridgeboardUtilities 2018/10/04
RTUniversalProgrammingTool 2022/10/12