Storage and Preservation

Richtek products are majorly MSL1 or MSL3 based on the package types.

Richtek follows SPEC.: J-STD-033 for the standard packing method below:

Package Type
MSL Level
Shelf Life*1
Floor Life*2
MBB*3 with HIC
MSID Label
Caution Label
No limit
No limit
No Optional
Others 3 24 months
168 hours
Yes Yes
Yes Yes


  • *1. Shelf Life - The allowable time period for the products kept under appropriate storing condition
  • *2. Floor Life - After opening the MBB, the allowable time period for the products stored under appropriate environment condition (< 30℃/ 60%RH)
  • *3. MBB - Moisture Barrier Bag, HIC - Humidity indcator Card

Richtek recommends the storage conditions MSL3 as below:

1. Calculated shelf life in sealed bag is 24 months at <40℃ and <90%RH.

2. After the bag is opened, devices that will be subjected to reflow solder or other high temperature process must be

  • 2-1. Mounted within 168 hours of factory conditions < 30℃ and 60%RH, or

  • 2-2. Stored at <10%RH

3. Devices require bake, before mounting, if:

  • Humidity Indicator Card is >10%, or

  • 2-1 or 2-2 not met

4. If baking is required, devices may be baked for 48 hours at 125℃±50℃.


  • Above contents are printed or labeled on the vacuum aluminum bag.

  • Before baking, devices need to be removed from the carrier tape and placed on the tray.