Storage and Preservation

Declaration of Product Shelf Life

Richtek Technology Corp. (RICHTEK) hereby declares that its IC products have a shelf life of five (5) years from applicable production date code, provided that the integrity of the moisture barrier bag seal has not been compromised and in controlled environment with JEDEC J-STD-033C < 40℃ / < 90%RH during such time period.

We build, manage and hold inventory in a way that helps ensure continuity of supply to customers. This provides more immediate availability of products, and helps minimize burdens caused by production constraints and end-of-life complications on mature products.

RICHTEK conducts extensive, long-term reliability studies to confirm its internal manufacturing shelf life policy. The studies “Shelf Life Reliability Evaluation Report” confirmed that there is no degradation of a product’s electrical characteristics and no product failures associated with RICHTEK’s internal manufacturing storage practices. Additionally, RICHTEK takes specific actions in its product distribution centers to ensure the integrity of all materials before shipment.

Should you have any questions regarding this declaration, please contact your local sales representative.


Declaration of Product Shelf Life signature

Packing Method

Richtek follows SPEC.: J-STD-033 for the standard packing method as below:

MSL Level Shelf Life*1 Floor Life*2 MBB*3 with HIC Desiccant MSID Label Caution Label
1 No limit
No limit
Optional No
2 60 months 1 year
Yes Yes
3 60 months 168 hours
Yes Yes
  • *1. Shelf Life – the allowable time period for the products kept in the original packing and under appropriate storing condition (< 40℃/ 90%RH).
  • *2. Floor Life – After opening the MBB, the allowable time period for the products stored under appropriate environment condition (< 30℃/ 60%RH).
  • *3. MBB – Moisture Barrier Bag.