Quality and ESH Policy

Quality Policy

At Richtek, we act with professionalism. We optimize business processes and operation procedures, innovate continually, solidify product value proposition, and achieve quality excellence.

Quality Policy 

Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy

Richtek Technology Corporation is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment (ESH). We adhere to our ESH policies, outlined as follows:  

1. Comply with government regulations and other requirements:
Follow ESH regulations and banned substances proposed by customers.

2. Develop green products:
Dedicate to green products design and adopt environment-friendly material.

3. Enhance ESH awareness:
Implement ESH training and promotion activities to ensure every employee understand the importance of ESH.

4. Implement waste reduction and energy-saving:
Implement waste reduction, recycle and energy saving plan.

5. Manage suppliers:
Perform routine suppliers audit and help suppliers to improve processes to be more beneficial to environment and employee health.

6. Prevent injury and disease:
Control risks from work-related hazards, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

7. Support full participation:
Encourage all employees to participate in ESH management process and receive necessary consultations.

8. Execute ESH system: 
Review ESH system performance and ensure ESH system continuous improvement.