End of Life Management

Richtek EOL (End Of Life) procedure follows J-STD-048, and our system covers initiation, counter sign-off, communication, notification, customer feedback confirmation, and implementation.   

 End of Life Management

The following are the detailed EOL procedures.

1. Proposal:
Determined based on actual shipping and production status, as well as product quality conditions.

2. Customer Communication:
Richtek will review the request and communicate with customers the LTB (Last Time Buy) / LTS (Last Time Ship) requirement and suggest alternative parts (if applicable).

3. Notification:
Richtek will issue EOL notifications with LTB and LTS information, including details about replacement parts (if applicable).

4. Last Time Buy (LTB):
The Last Time Buy is 6 months following the EOL notification date.

5. Last Time Ship (LTS):
The Last Time Ship is 12 months following the EOL notification date based on J-STD-048, unless there are exceptions, which will be notified separately.