Process/Product Change Management

Richtek understands the importance and the impact of a product change could be to customers, so we establish change management procedure based on J-STD-046 to mitigate potential risks.

PCN (Product Change Notice), in compliant with J-STD-046, manages the changes from initiation, request evaluation, verification, customer notification, and implementation.

Changes are categorized into "Customer Approval", "Information Notes Only" and "Not Notify Customer".

  • Customer Approval: These changes may affect the form, fit, or function of the product, or may adversely affect the quality or reliability of the product. The PCN must be submitted at least 90 days before shipment.

  • Information Notes Only: A document (or PCN letter) is sent to customer for information notes only.

  • Not Notify Customer: These changes does not affect the form, fit, function, quality, or reliability of the product. For this kind of changes, customers are not notified.
Change Management

The following are the detailed PCN procedures.

1. Change Request:
When there’s change request from customers, suppliers or Richtek team, the Engineering Change Request is triggered on the PCN system.

2. Evaluate:
The Change Review Board from cross function team evaluates the feasibility of the change contents and establishes verification plan.

3. Review:
The Change Review Board reviews verification results to determine whether to carry out the change or not.

4. Notify:
In order to maintain compliance with J-STD-046, Richtek issues official Product Change Notices (PCNs) to customers who have made purchases within the past two years. These PCNs contain all necessary information about the change. The customer will also be notified for the changes classified as "Information Notes Only".

5. Implement:
When the change is classified as "Not Notify Customer" or after getting customer approval for the change classified as "Customer Approval", the change can be implemented by Richtek.