Supplier Management

Richtek is a fabless IC design company that outsources the manufacturing to the subcontractors. We understand it is very important to manage the suppliers with same standards for the product quality and production stability.

To achieve our quality target, Richtek establishes a comprehensive flow from supplier evaluation, approval and manufacturing management with different review index and release criteria. We also have an experienced cross function team to evaluate and manage the suppliers.

Supplier Management

1. Initiate:
When there are needs for new suppliers to expand the capacity or new technology for product application, the cross-function team is organized to initiate new supplier evaluation.

2. Evaluate:
The evaluation includes new suppliers' finance status, logistics management, QMS audit, technology capability, and the production performance on lead time and capacity.

3. Approve:
After new suppliers pass the first evaluation, they will become Richtek’s QVL and then go to the next phase to undergo product quality verification, including new product introduction and reliability tests.

4. Manage:
During mass production, suppliers follow the standardized process control plan for production, and the critical to quality characteristics are specially managed by SPC. (Statistic Process Control). A cross function team is responsible for the regular supplier performance review, including the performance of the quality index, and audit result, on-time delivery, cost, etc.