System Side Single Cell Fuel Gauge


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The RT9426 Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery fuel gauge is a microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell battery packs. The RT9426 resides within the battery pack or on the system's main board and manages a non-removable battery or removable battery pack.

The RT9426 reports StateOfCharge, StateOfHealth, FullChargeCapacity, TimeToEmpty and CycleCount based on the Voltaic Gauge with Current Sensing (VGCS) algorithm by using the voltage difference between battery voltage and OCV to calculate the increasing or decreasing SOC, with current sensing compensation to report battery SOC.

Voltaic Gauge with Current Sensing algorithm can support smoothly SOC and does not accumulate error with time and current. That is an advantage compared to coulomb counter which suffer from SOC drift caused by current sense error and battery self-discharge.

The RT9426 provides complete battery status monitor with interrupt alarm function. It could alert to host processor actively when condition of battery over/under-voltage and over-temperature in charge/discharge. Especially for high C-rate battery charging application, it can measure battery voltage by kelvin sense connection to eliminate the IR drop effect for optimal charging profile and safety. More useful alarm functions are Under SOC alert, SOC Change and battery presence status change.


  • Smartphones
  • Tablet PC
  • Wearable Device
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Handheld and Portable Applications
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System Side Single Cell Fuel Gauge2019/04/16
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