The RT3181A is a highly integrated and scalable solution for wireless power transmitter applications. The RT3181A is designed to support the major wireless power standards - WPC (Qi). The RT3181A can be configured to various type of transmitter in WPC definition.

The RT3181A supports fully integrated design for WPC LP A11 transmitter which could be powered from a 5V output of USB or AC adaptor in low power applications. The RT3181A is able to support WPC MP-A5 transmitter design with external power stage for medium power applications.

The RT3181A can be paired with a smart AC adapter from selected suppliers to provide reduced system cost and optimal efficiency over the range of power usage.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Phablets/Tablets
  • Wearable Devices
  • Medical and Industrial
Key Spec.
Status Active
Vin (min) (V) 17
Vin (max) (V) 5
Iin (max) (A) 2
Power Rating (W) 7.5
WPC Protocol BPP
Compliance Ver WPC 1.2.4
Features 1.8V LDO PMU;3.3V LDO PMU;5V Buck PMU;Aux ADC Input;Buck-boost controller;Current sensing amplifier;Die Temperature Sensor;FOD-Q factor;H-bridge Class D MOSFET;I2C Master;I2C Slave;LED driver;OCP;OTP;OVP;QC Interface
Package Type WQFN6x6-48
  • High Integration with Internal H-Bridge Power Stage and Current Sense Amplifier, Optimized for LP-A11 Solution
  • High Power with External Power Stage, Optimized for MP-A5 Solution
  • No Current Transformer Required
  • Low Quiescent Current Plus
    ► Selectable Ping Cycle in Custom Applications
    ► Low Current Sleep Mode Options Including "Off" State with Wake Up I/O Pin
  • Programmable Thermal Protection
  • Support Foreign Object Detection
  • Notifications -
    ► 1 Buzzer
    ► 2 LEDs, Resistor Programmable
  • I2C Host Applications Interface (Option)
  • Internal Watchdog Timer
  • 48-Lead WQFN Package
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Wireless Power Transmitter for 5W/15W Solution2017/02/24
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Richtek Featured Product Tree [Aug., 2023] Selection Guide2023/08/07
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