Single Output

Offering single output regulators with a Vin ≤ 6.5V.

Multiple Output

Offering both dual output regulators with a Vin ≤ 5.5V and multiple output linear regulator controllers.

Wide Vin

Vin ≤ 80V for applications requiring wide input range and high input voltage.

Low Iq

For applications requiring long standby time and running in burst mode conditions.

Low Noise & High PSRR

For noise-sensitive system to filter out input ripple and provide low noise/high PSRR at the output.

Automotive & Industrial

The AEC-Q100 qualified LDOs and LDOs operating in wide temperature ratings are ideal for automotive and industrial applications.

Want to know more? Please see LDO Selection Criteria.

Documents and Tools

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Application Notes

Title Date Action
Power Management Introduction 2014/11/01

Single Output

Title Date Action
Multi-Source Power Management Design 2022/04/26

Automotive & Industrial

Title Date Action
Wide Input Voltage LDO RT9068 for Automotive and Industrial Applications 2014/11/03
Powering Microcontrollers from Industrial Supply Rails 2014/05/02