3.5A, 18V, 500kHz ACOT™ Synchronous Step-Down Converter


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The RT7295B is a synchronous step-down converter with Advanced Constant On-Time (ACOTTM) mode control. The ACOTTM provides a very fast transient response with few external components. The low impedance internal MOSFET supports high efficiency operation with wide input voltage range from 4.3V to 18V. The proprietary circuit of the RT7295B enables to support all ceramic capacitors. The output voltage can be adjusted between 0.6V and 8V.


  • Industrial and Commercial Low Power Systems
  • Computer Peripherals
  • LCD Monitors and TVs
  • Green Electronics/Appliances
  • Point of Load Regulation for High-Performance DSPs,
    FPGAs, and ASICs
Reference Design
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Richtek Load Transient Tool2019/01/09
Design Tool
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Richtek Designer™ Web Simulation Tool : RT7295BGJ6F2019/09/11