The RT1711P is a USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller, which complies with the latest USB Type-C and PD standards. The RT1711P integrates a complete Type-C transceiver including the Type-C termination resistors, Rp and Rd, and enables the USB Type-C detection including attach and orientation. It also integrates the physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery protocol, allowing power transfers of up to 100W and role swap. The BMC PD function provides full support for Alternate Modes on the USB Type-C standard. The RT1711P provides a complete power management solution, which consists of one barrel jack path and one VBUS path for charging systems. Another provider path provides a seamless voltage transition and avoids the discontinuity of voltage transition during USB PD power contracts.


  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Monitors
  • Power Banks
  • TVs
Key Spec.
Status Active
Policy Manager TCPC
Alternate Mode Yes
PD Version PD2.0;PD3.0
MCU Integrated No
Power Role DRP
Data Role Dual Role
External Power Path Control GPIO;N-MOSFET Driver;P-MOSFET Driver
Internal Power Path Source 5V 3A;Source/Sink 20V 3A;Source/Sink 20V 5A
Iq (Typ) (μA) 20
Realtime VBUS Monitoring Yes
Dead Battery Support Yes
CC Pins 2
VBUS Discharge No
Package Type WQFN3.5x3.5-24
  • PD-Compatible Dual-Role
  • Support USB PD3.0 and TCPC1.0
  • Full Power Path Control
    ► Barrel Jack Path : Up to 20V (N-MOSFET)
    ► PD Provider & Consumer Path Up to 20V (N-MOSFET)
  • Protection
    ► VBUS Provider Path with Programmable Over- Current Protection (OCP) and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
    ► VBUS Path with Aided Discharge
    ► VCONN with Programmable Current Limit
    ► VCONN with OVP Protection and Discharge
    ► CC Pin 20V Short-VBUS Circuit Protection
  • Adjustable DC-DC Output Voltages
  • Current Capability Definition and Detection
  • Cable Recognition and Alternate Modes Support
  • Dead Battery and No Battery Support
  • Low-Power Mode for Attach Detection
  • BIST Mode Supported
  • Support GPIO
  • 24-Lead WQFN Package
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USB PD Port and Power Controller2016/12/15
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