The RT7206A is a programmable controller with a high integration of the internal feedback compensation, blocking N-MOSFETs and the current sense. An internal MCU is designed to handle various proprietary protocols via the D+/D- interface and support the Type-C USB PD via the CC1/CC2 pins.

This controller is a specific design with high integration for off-line AC-DC converters to possess the high power density. The RT7206A integrates a constant voltage loop, a constant current loop and the built-in compensation in the feedback control so as to regulate output voltage and current. With the proprietary design, this controller not only possesses the feature of component-count saving via the built-in feedback compensation, but also provides the performance of enhanced transient response and safety level via the integration of diverse functions and protections.

In applications requiring high-precision control, a dual operational amplifier is adopted in the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) to serve reference voltages used for regulation of voltage loop and current loop in programming the constant voltage (CV) and the constant current (CC).


  • Travel Adapters with USB PD Type-C Control
  • Travel Adapters with Fast Charge Protocols (e.g., FCP, SCP, AFC and QC2.0/QC3.0)
Key Spec.
RT7206AH RT7206AL
Status Active Active
Policy Manager Integrated Integrated
Alternate Mode No No
PD Version PD2.0;PD3.0;PPS PD2.0;PD3.0;PPS
MCU Integrated Yes Yes
Power Role Provider Provider
External Power Path Control N-MOSFET Driver N-MOSFET Driver
Iq (Typ) (μA) 650 650
Realtime VBUS Monitoring Yes Yes
Max Output Voltage (V) 12 12
Syn. Rectifier No No
CC Pins 2 2
VBUS Discharge By VBUS By VBUS
Features Adjustable Current Limit;Constant-Current Regulation;Internal Compensation;OCP;OVP;SCP;UVP;VBUS OVP;VBUS UVP Adjustable Current Limit;Adjustable Soft-Start;Constant-Current Regulation;Internal Compensation;OCP;OVP;SCP;UVP;VBUS OVP;VBUS UVP
Package Type SOP-10(FC) SOP-10(FC)
  • Protocol Support
    ► USB PD2.0/PD3.0 and PPS
    ► Proprietary Protocols
  • Highly Integrated
    ► Suited for 3V to 13V VDD Range
    ► Embedded MCU with an Mask ROM of 32kB, an OTP-ROM of 8kB, and an SRAM of 1.5kB
    ► Built-in Blocking N-MOSFET and Current Sense
    ► Built-in Shunt Regulators for Constant Voltage and Constant Current Control
    ► Built-in Internal Feedback Compensation
    ► Programmable Linear Cable Compensation
    ► CC Tolerance < 100mA
    ► VDD Pin for Quick Discharge of Output Capacitor
    ► < 5mA Operating Current in Normal Mode
    ► < 1.5mA Operating Current in Sleep Mode
    ► < 900μA Operating Current in Green Mode
  • Protection
    ► Adaptive Output Over-Voltage Protection
    ► Adaptive Under-Voltage Protection
    ► CC1/CC2/D+/D-/RT Over-Voltage Protection
    ► Firmware-Programmable Over-Current Protection
    ► Firmware-Programmable Over-Temperature Protection
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