RT1710 is a Type-C cable ID for active and passive cables. All USB Full-Featured Type-C cables shall be electronically marked. Electronically marked cables shall support USB Power Delivery Structured VDM Discover Identity command directed to SOP'. This provides a method to determine the characteristics of the cable, e.g. its current carrying capability, its performance, vendor identification, etc. This may be referred to as the USB Type-C Cable ID function. RT1710 is available in a WDFN-8L 2x3 package.


  • USB Full-Featured Type-C cables
Key Spec.
Status Active
Vin (min) (V) 4
Vin (max) (V) 5.5
Package Type WDFN2x3-8
  • Support SOP' Communication
  • Integrated Transceiver (BMC PHY)
  • Embedded Both Side RA Resistor
  • Embedded Both Side ISO Diode
  • Embedded MTP
  • Support Multi-Tme Writable Memory to Store VDM Data
  • Support 4V to 5.5V Operation on VCON1 / VCON2 Pin
  • Built-In Slew Rate Control for BMC Signal to Reduce the Effect of EMI
  • Support Custom Structured VDM Writing Through CCIN Pin
  • Support I2C Bus for Programming VDM Data
TitleLast UpdateDownload
Cable ID for USB Type-C Cables2015/12/15