The RT3609BE is designed to meet Intel IMVP8 compatible CPU specification with a serial VID control interface which includes two voltage rails : a 6/5/4/3 phase synchronous buck controller, the CORE VR and a 2/1 phase synchronous buck controller, the AXG VR. The RT3609BE adopts G-NAVPTM (Green Native AVP) which is Richtek′s proprietary topology derived from finite DC gain of EA amplifier with current mode control, making it easy to set the droop to meet all Intel CPU requirements of AVP (Adaptive Voltage Positioning). Based on the G-NAVPTM topology, the RT3609BE features a new generation of quick response mechanism (Adaptive Quick Response, AQR) to optimize AVP performance during load transient and reduce output capacitors. The RT3609BE supports mode transition function with various operating states. A serial VID (SVID) interface is built in the RT3609BE to communicate with Intel IMVP8 compliant CPU. The RT3609BE supports VID on-the-fly function with three different slew rates: Fast, Slow and Decay. By utilizing the G-NAVPTM topology, the operating frequency of the RT3609BE varies with VID, load and input voltage to further enhance the efficiency even in CCM. Moreover, the G-NAVPTM with CCRCOT (Constant Current Ripple COT) technology provides superior output voltage ripple over the entire input/output range. The built-in high accuracy DAC converts the SVID code ranging from 0V to 1.52V with 5mV per step. The RT3609BE integrates a high accuracy ADC for platform and function settings, such as ICCMAX, switching frequency, over-current threshold and AQR trigger level. The RT3609BE provides VR Ready and thermal indicators. It also features complete fault protection functions, including over-voltage (OV), under-voltage (UV), over-current (OC) and under-voltage lockout (UVLO). The RT3609BE supports several functions which can be set by I2C interface, like thermal balance adjustment, dynamic load line, voltage offset setting, fix VID setting, protection report, protection disable and Current/PSYS/Temperature report.


  • IMVP8 Intel Core/GT Supply
  • Desktop and Notebook Computer
  • AVP Step-Down Converter
Key Spec.
Status Active
VID Table Support IMVP8
Number of Phases 2;6
Vcc (typ) (V) 5
Vin (min) (V) 4.5
Vin (max) (V) 24
Accuracy (Vout>=1V) (+/- %) 0.5
Freq (typ) (kHz) 400
Built-in DAC Generator Yes
Number of MOSFET Drivers 0
Features Adjustable Frequency;DCR Current Sense;Diode Emulation Mode;Droop Control;Enable Input;Fast Transient Response;G-NAVP Control;OCP;OVP;Power Good;UVP
Package Type WQFN7x7-60
  • Intel IMVP8 Serial VID Interface Compatible Power Management States
  • 6/5/4/3 Phase (CORE VR) + 2/1 Phase (AXG VR) PWM Controller
  • G-NAVPTM (Green Native Adaptive Voltage Positioning) Topology
  • 0.5% DAC Accuracy
  • Differential Remote Voltage Sensing
  • Built-in ADC for Platform Programming and Reporting
  • Accurate Current Balance
  • System Thermal Compensated AVP
  • Diode Emulation Mode at Light Load Condition
  • Fast Transient Response-Adaptive Quick Response (AQR)
  • VR Ready Indicator
  • Thermal Monitoring and Indicator
  • Current Monitoring
  • Protection Flag for OVP, OCP, UVP
  • Multi-Vendor Dr.MOS
  • Switching Frequency Range Setting
  • Slew Rate Setting
  • DVID Enhancement
  • Acoustic Noise Suppression
  • Dynamic Zero Load-line
  • Rail Disable
  • Support Phase Doubler RT9637 for High Phase Count Applications
  • Standard I2C protocol Interface
    ► Thermal Balance Adjustment
    ► Dynamic Load-line Setting
    ► Voltage Offset Setting
    ► Fixed VID Setting
    ► Protection Report and Protection Disable
    ► Current/PSYS/Temperature Report
    ► Force PS0 Operation
  • Soldering Good function
  • Small 60-Lead WQFN Package