The RT8802A is a 2/3/4/5-phase synchronous buck controller specifically designed to power Intel® / AMD next generation microprocessors. It implements an internal 8-bit DAC that is identified by VID code of microprocessor directly. RT8802A generates VID table that conform to Intel® VRD10.x and VRD11 core power with 6.25mV increments and 0.5% accuracy.
RT8802A adopts innovative time-sharing DCR current sensing technique to sense phase currents for phase current balance, load line setting and over current protection. Using a common GM to sense all phase currents eliminates offset and linearity variation between GMs in conventional current sensing methods. As sub-milli-ohm-grade inductors are widely used in modern motherboards, slight offset and linearity mismatch will cause considerable current shift between phases. This technique ensures good current balance in mass production.
Other features include over current protection, programmable soft start, over voltage protection, and output offset setting. RT8802A comes to a small footprint package with VQFN-40L 6x6.


  • Intel® /AMD New generation microprocessor for Desktop PC and Motherboard
  • Low Output Voltage, High power density DC/DC Converters
  • Voltage Regulator Modules
Key Spec.
Status Active
VID Table Support K8;K8_M2;VR10.x;VR11.0
Number of Phases 5
Vcc (typ) (V) 5
Vin (min) (V) 10.8
Vin (max) (V) 13.2
Accuracy (Vout>=1V) (+/- %) 0.5
Freq (typ) (kHz) 300
Built-in DAC Generator Yes
Number of MOSFET Drivers 0
Features Adjustable Frequency;Adjustable Soft-Start;DCR Current Sense;Droop Control;Enable Input;OCP;OVP;Power Good;SCP;Voltage Mode Control
Package Type VQFN6x6-40
  • 5V Power Supply
  • 2/3/4/5-Phase Power Conversion with Automatic Phase Selection
  • 8-bit VID Interface, Supporting Intel VRD11/VRD10.x and AMD K8, K8_M2 CPUs
  • VR_HOT and VR_FAN Indication
  • Precision Core Voltage Regulation
  • Power Stage Thermal Balance by DCR Current Sensing
  • Adjustable Soft-start
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Adjustable Frequency and Typical at 300kHz per Phase
  • Power Good Indication
  • 40-Lead VQFN Package
  • RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
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2/3/4/5-Phase PWM Controller for High-Density Power Supply2006/02/23
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2/3/4/5-Phase PWM Controller for High-Density Power Supply 2015/05/19
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