Motor Drivers

Richtek offers a wide range of motor driver solutions covering the requirements of brushless DC motors for home appliance, PMSM/BLDC motors, water pumps, cooling fans, etc. Our portfolio includes motor controllers, motor drivers, system integrated power modules. With the complete product portfolio and advanced sensorless sine-wave FOC control algorithm, Richtek aims to provide our customers flexible, easy-implement, and exceptionally reliable motor driver solutions. We also provide firmware and hardware technical support from product development through to launch.

3-Phase Brushless Motor Controller
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT71003 Phase PMSM/BLDC Motor ControllerBLDC Motor Drivers > Motor Controllers
3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT7075A3 Phase PMSM/BLDC Motor Controller with Gate DriverBLDC Motor Drivers > Motor Drivers
RT7081AThree-Phase PMSM/BLDC Motor Drive with Gate Driver, Bootstrap Diodes and LDOsBLDC Motor Drivers > Motor Drivers
RT7083Three-Phase PMSM/BLDC Motor Controller with Pre-DriverBLDC Motor Drivers > Motor Drivers
3-Phase BLDC sIPM®
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT7055System Integrated Power Module (sIPM®) for PMSM/BLDC Motor DriveBLDC Motor Drivers > System Integrated Power Modules
RT7080Integrated Power Module for PMSM/BLDC Motor DriverBLDC Motor Drivers > System Integrated Power Modules
Load Switch
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT974270mΩ/55mΩ, 3A/2.5A/2A/1.5A/1A/0.5A High-Side Power Switches with FlagSwitches