High Efficiency Switching Mode Battery Charger


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The RT9535A is a PWM switch mode battery charger controller to fast charge single or multiple Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCd batteries, using constant current or constant voltage control. Maximum current can be easily programmed by external resistor. The constant voltage output can support up to 22V with 0.5% accuracy.

A third control loop limits the input current drawing from the adapter during charging. This allows simultaneous operation of the equipment and fast battery charging without over loading to the adapter.

The RT9535A can charge batteries from 2.5V to 22V with dropout voltage as low as 0.4V.

The RT9535A is available in the WQFN-16L 4X4 package.


  • Notebook Computers
  • Portable Instruments
  • Chargers for Li-lon, NiMH, NiCd and Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries
Key Spec.
Status Active
Vin (min) (V) 4.5
Vin (max) (V) 28
Battery Charge Voltage (max) (V) 22
Battery Charge Current (max) (A) 2
Status Indicator No
Charger Type Switching
Input Source AC Adapter;USB
Features Adjustable Current Limit;Adjustable Soft-Start;Current Mode Control;Enable Input;OCP;SCP;UVP
Package Type WQFN4x4-16
Built-in Power MOSFETs Yes
  • Fast Charging for Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCd Batteries
  • Adjustable Battery Voltages from 2.5V to 22V
  • High Efficiency : Up to 95%
  • Charging Current Programmed by Resistor
  • Precision 0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
  • Provide 5% Charging Current Accuracy
  • 500kHz Switching Frequency
  • Auto Shutdown with Adapter Removal
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High Efficiency Switching Mode Battery Charger2014/03/28
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