DDR Termination Regulator


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The RTQ2536-QA is a sink/source tracking termination regulator. It is specifically designed for low-cost and low-external component count systems. The RTQ2536-QA possesses a high speed operating amplifier that provides fast load transient response and only requires a minimum 10μF (effective value) ceramic output capacitor. The RTQ2536-QA supports remote sensing functions and all features required to power the DDRI / DDRII / DDRIII / DDRIII-L / DDRIV and DDRIV-L VTT bus termination according to the JEDEC specification.

The RTQ2536-QA is available in the thermal efficient package, WDFN-10SL 3x3.


  • Automotive and Industrial Supplies
  • Notebook/Desktop/Server
  • Telecom/Datacom, GSM Base Station, LCD-TV/PDP-TV, Copier/Printer, Set-Top Box
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DDR Termination Regulator2019/09/02
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